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What if this guy got you pregnant?

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I can’t stop thinking about this


Right when Leslie finds out she is pregnant, she calls Ben. That seems out of character for Leslie Knope who has always been a staunch believer in over-the-top romantic gestures and extravagant gifts. But when she is faced with a huge, life changing  situation, she automatically calls him. She doesn’t reserve eagles, craft a throne, hire a singing telegram, or make a scrapbook. She just picks up the phone and says “I have very big news for you.” She doesn’t stew in her emotions alone. She doesn’t question if she should tell him right away. It’s as natural a response for her as eating waffles for breakfast. She knows this is their adventure and she couldn’t bear to keep it to herself. The sneakiness and romantic gestures all evaporate when it comes down to the two of them, the core of their relationship, love. She doesn’t even hesitate, she just calls.